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1.    How can I know about your projects?

You can mail us your interest at and you can visit us on or you may whatsapp us on 9836081010 about your interest. Then we will send you our project's detail in next 72 hrs.

2.    How can I donate fund to your Society?
There are 3 ways of donating funds. These are:

a)    Through Our Representative: 

      In this method you should draw a cheque in favour of “Krishi Bandhan Society” and our representative will meet you at any place in West Bengal as per your convenience, and you can give your contribution to him/ her.

b)    Via Courier: 
You can send your contribution in 
Cheque to our office Address.
Krishi Bandhan Society 
12/17 Dharmatala Road, Belurmath, Howrah - 711202, West Bengal, India.
Cont. No. : +
91 -9836081010

3.    Do we accept cash donations?

Yes, we accept cash donations. But we recommend all donations by cheque.

4.    Can I send a donation cheque to directly Krishi Bandhan Society?

Yes, you can send a cheque at Krishi Bandhan Society correspondence office. Address is 12/17 Dharmatala Road, Belurmath, Howrah  711202, West Bengal, India.


8.    How much donation should I give if I want to sponsor a child's education?

Normally, on an average a child's education  expenses are Rs. 500 per month. So you should give at least Rs. 6,000/- to sponsor a child's education and healthy food for a year.


9.    Can I give donations in kind?
Yes, you can also give donations in kind like copies, pen, pencil, book, chalk, black board, mattress, dress, shoes, stationary items which will directly help us children for their education or you can sponsor some food like Biscuit, cake, toffee for our students.